Chitiz Pathak Successfully Defends Trade-mark Opposition by Local Newspaper

January 18, 2018

Chitiz Pathak Successfully Defends Trade-mark Opposition to Application by Foreign Newspaper

In an appeal to the Federal Court, Tamara Ramsey was successful in defending the decision of the Trade-mark Opposition Board allowing an opposition to a trade-mark application by a foreign newspaper for the word mark “Ajit”.

AJIT, a common name in India, is used by the Applicant, a Punjabi-language newspaper based in India that had a few subscribers in Canada. The name AJIT has also, for many years, been used by the Opponent, a free weekly Canadian newspaper. The opposition was allowed on the basis that the word mark “Ajit” was not distinctive of the foreign newspaper in Canada. Despite the applicant’s new evidence and arguments, the Federal Court dismissed the applicant’s appeal.

For a copy of the decision, please click here.

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